A submersible pump is a device with a hermetically sealed motor pump body. It’s also called an electric submersible pump that can be fully submerged into water.

 This can be used for the following applications:

  • Water supply
  • Irrigation
  • Dewatering

It converts rotary energy to kinetic energy then to pressure energy that pushes water into the surface. So, once the water is pulled by the pump, the impeller’s rotation pushes the water into the diffuser, then the water is pushed to the surface.

Advantages of Submersible Pumps for QLD Farms and Homes

What are the benefits of submersible pumps?

A submersible pump is the most economical and versatile way to access water from a bore. They are:

  • Simple
  • Cost effective
  • Reliable
  • They have a wide range to fit all applications from 0.2 a litre a second to over 300 litres a second.

Since it’s sealed and insulated, there is also no risk of electrocution even if it runs with electricity. However, extreme carefulness must still be applied when handling them and you’re standing on water.


Maximum flow with minimum noise

Since submersible pumps are in the water, you can barely hear any noise out in the open when it’s operating. The water acts as a muter and absorbs the sounds. Plus, the pumps’ containment acts as another barrier for the sound.


Highly resistant to corrosion

Submersible pumps are made with highly corrosion-resistant materials because they’ll be submerged in water and need to be hermetically sealed. So, submersible pumps are made mostly out of stainless steel. In addition, the parts of the pumps are safe from oxidation and corrosive materials because they’re sealed and insulated inside.



The small, portable, and light build of submersible pumps makes it easier to be carried and moved from one place to another.



Aside from being portable and convenient, submersible pumps are space-saving devices because their main motor is submerged in the water. They take almost no extra space at all. The only visible parts are the electrical cords, but the pump remains seated in your sump pit.



Some pumps require priming before operating but for submersible pumps, priming is not needed because they have self-priming capability. This can save farms and homes from all the hassle of constantly priming a pump so that it’ll not dry.



Submersible pumps are known to be versatile. Their application is varied and covers many industries such as townships, feedlots, irrigation, remote stock water and domestic.



Another good thing about submersible pumps is that they can either be solar or electric. So, just plug it in the electrical outlet or solar power source and it’ll do all the work on its own.



It is safe because the installation process is so simple and low risk when compared with conventional pumping technologies. With no moving parts at the surface there is less risk to employees and the general public.



Submersible pumps are built out of high grade stainless steel componentry and commonly have a service life spanning decades.


Extremely efficient

The fact that submersible pumps are already submerged in water, they don’t need much effort in a suction lift. Therefore, less energy used means less hard work which can help them to operate for a longer time.


Durable with less maintenance requirement

Submersible pumps need less maintenance which makes them more durable and can last for a longer time.

With all these benefits you can get from submersible pumps, we can consider them a great investment for farmers, and QLD homeowners.

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