If you’re planning to install a submersible bore pump, solar is certainly worth a consideration with improvements over the years in technology:

Solar Bore Pumps
Choosing the right one for you can greatly vary depending on your application. So, to ease the burden and enlighten you about the factors that determine what type of solar pump you should install, read below the information that we’ve gathered for you.


What is a Solar Submersible Water Pump?

A solar submersible pump is a submersible water pump that is you guessed it powered by solar, it’ll require complete submersion into the water. That’s why this is perfect for places with a than 6 meters typically found in a well or a bore.

One of the biggest benefits of choosing a submersible solar water pump is that it’s efficient and has zero net inputs once installed. They are also typically set up with a control system that allows autonomous operation without human intervention.

Since this pump is submerged in water, it is already in the main source of water. As a result, the energy it needs in pushing out the water is lesser, and it is cooled via the water source.


Key Points to Consider when selecting a Submersible Solar Water Pump

  • Diameter of Borehole
  • Water volume requirements
  • Depth of water source and requirement for optimal efficiency and yield from bore
  • Standing water level in borehole
  • Height from bore to storage tank or outlet
  • Distance of distribution pipework
  • Size of pipework
  • How will the pump be operated (automatically or manually)?



With this information in hand, we will help you select the most efficient and cost-effective pump to equip your bore and keep your property plentifully watered by a reliable and maintenance free system with an almost zero operating cost.


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