Water Bore Drilling


 You don’t want mineral companies drilling your water bore as the two services are very different and specialized fields. Choose a drilling contractor who specialises in groundwater management.

QGWS Water Bore Drilling | Warwick, Toowoomba, Dalby, Stanthorpe

Why Choose QLD Groundwater Solutions for Your Drilling Needs

 Here are some of the reasons why we are chosen by our clients:


Specialised Drilling Rigs

We have two drilling rigs servicing our clients which are capable of drilling 5” to 15” cased bores to a maximum depth of 700 meters.

We are a fully insured and licenced operation that specialises solely in the drilling of water.


In-House Hydrologist and Geologist

We drill stock and domestic bores and high yield bores for irrigation and municipal purposes.

We have our own in-house Hydrologist and Geologist that we utilize within the design and construction phase of any complex or challenging project to ensure optimal results for our clients. This Hydrologist is also available to do desktop studies of groundwater resources for clients to ensure capital is spent accordingly.


With 5-Year Workmanship Guarantee 

All bores drilled by QGWS come fully backed by our unique 5-year workmanship guarantee giving our client peace of mind that we stand by our work and our product. If your bore fails due to our failure, we will replace it or rectify it free of charge within 5 years of it being drilled.


Fully Qualified and Trained Drillers

All our drillers are fully qualified and trained to a high level of competence in a wide range drilling conditions and we come fully prepared to complete your project in a timely manner. We show up when we are scheduled and get your project completed quickly and efficiently.

All bores drilled by QGWS are drilled to exceed the mandatory requirements stipulated in the minimum construction standards edition 4.


Member of the Australian Drilling Industry Association

We are a member of the Australian Drilling Industry Association and are actively contributing to the development of the industry as a result ADIA has released an information sheet for landowners engaging a drilling contractor. This information sheet can be downloaded here.

Member of the Australian Drilling Industry Association